We Ship Local!

Guthrie, Texas, 79236 

Way back in 1891 when our Post Office opened, Guthrie was inhabited by more cattle and horses than people – and it still is! Burk Burnett established 6666 Supply House in 1900, and to this day the basic needs of our 154 human residents are served by both establishments without fail. 

Nowadays, we are supplying new customers from California to Maine (and almost every state in between) through our online store. Uniquely branded merchandise and 6666 Originals are delivered directly from the ranch to your doorstep, and we are determined to meet your needs the same as if you lived right down the road.  

Keep in mind that when you “shop local” at the Supply House we will “ship local” from our Post Office. Our support of this essential public service helps ensure that it will remain the lifeline it’s always been for our close-knit rural community. We hope you’ll do the same in your hometown.