Rock House Charcuterie Boards


There’s the most gorgeous spot in Big River Pasture. It’s a small rock structure, overlooking a creek, that ranch folks call the “rock house.” A place for picnics and gatherings for as long as anyone can remember, it just seemed natural to name our Four Sixes Originals charcuterie & cheese boards for this pretty place where so many have spent a relaxing afternoon.


You have to remember that ‘round here trees are a scarce and valuable resource providing necessary shade for cattle. So, our charcuterie boards are “reclaimed,” made only from old or downed trees found on the ranch. The grains and colors of woods such as bodark and black walnut are a reflection of our never-ending commitment to preserving and protecting the natural environment.

We’re collaborating with Toby Beyer of Second Chance Sawmill to create these one-of-a-kind pieces. His craftsmanship is impeccable and may only be surpassed by his resourceful eye and earnest passion for giving new life to salvaged trees.   

You’ll find all kinds of uses for your Four Sixes Original board. Its beauty will increase with time and its value will expand with the memories you create selecting and designing your spread. Whether simple and easy or elaborately diverse, like a picnic at the Rock House, your heartfelt hospitality will be long remembered.