Burson Halter Collection

    History reveals that cowboys have always been a resourceful lot, ingeniously devising the tools and tack they desire to meet their personal, exacting standards for specific functions and durability.


    That's why Dusty Burson started making the Burson Halter featured among the "6666 Originals" offered by the Supply House. Now, it's a family operation that spans two locations of the Sixes. Dusty is manager at Dixon Creek Ranch and his brother, True, is wagon boss at 6666 Headquarters. True's wife, Chelsey Lou, creates the Burson lead ropes that are noted to be easy on the hands.


    With meticulous eyes and skillful hands the brothers construct their signature system of knots to fashion workable, long-lasting halters. Precisely measured on a homemade jig, the Bursons hand-tie one continuous piece of nylon rope (there is no hardware) starting at the noseband and continuing methodically knot-by-knot, ending with the complex, multi-strand fiador that rests under the jaw.


    The strength of the halter and exactness of the knots belie its pliability that ensures the right fit and comfort for the horse, and responsiveness to deliberate training methods. The ease of slipping on the Burson Halter and the soft texture of the lead rope are why they are the sole preference of the 6666 Horse Division in halters for both mares and foals.